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Christine A. Peat – Managing Director & Owner
The founder and owner of the company, Christine is a legend in the aerospace world, renowned for her dedication to detail. With nearly 25 years of experience, there are very few places in the world where Christine does not know just “the right person” or “the right place” to ensure that all her clients experience a totally successful and memorable event. Whatever it takes, Christine makes it happen and is always part of the CPI “on-site” team assisting our clients around the globe.

Languages spoken: English, German, French |

Kenten J. Collins – Finance Director
No stranger to the aerospace industry, either! Since 1988 Kenten has—together with Christine—traveled the world and helped build up the company to what it is today. Among other things, Kenten developed and implemented CPI’s own booking system, and is now responsible for all financial matters. Kenten is part of the regular “on-site” team.

Languages spoken: English |

Louise Navarrette Norgaar – Account Executive
With a background in the broadcasting industry and years in the shipping business, Louise has since 1998 provided CPI’s customers with full A to Z assistance regarding room recommendations, handling and event planning, and is responsible for ensuring that all her clients receive the best possible service.

Languages spoken: English, French |

Deborah Agricola Kuns – Account Executive  (CMP)
As a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and an active member of Meeting Professionals International, Deborah complements our staff and knows how to take care of our clients. Her experience comes from many years in the meetings/event and travel industry. Deborah is also our in-house travel partner and can assist you with your flight arrangements worldwide.

Languages spoken: English |

Sandi Lee – Accounting Supervisor 
Sandi has, since 1997, been part of the CPI team and with her previous background in the international tradeshow logistics industry, worked closely with most of our clients concerning accommodation, events and on-site assistance. Sandi is now dedicating her time to CPI’s Accounting Department.

Languages spoken: English |

Annie Tourtrol – Paris Office
As an independent travel & congress organizer, Annie is based in Paris in our official CPI Europe office and has since 1985 worked very closely with CPI on all of the European based shows. Involved mainly with events, meetings, restaurant reservations and entertainment, Annie is part of the regular “on-site” team.

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian |